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HAI Services

  • Our Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) work is focused on collecting objective evidence of program effectiveness, and using this data to improve and sustain existing programs to inform future efforts. ... READ MORE

  • Our services are designed to enable health facilities to deliver a 'brand' of quality primary healthcare (PHC) clinical services. Experts who understand the different complexities of the healthcare... READ MORE

  • At HAI, we work together with hospitals to provide solutions based on classification of patient's diagnoses against the costs incurred by the hospital to treat the patient. Interpreted as an altern... READ MORE

  • Designed by HAI, these studies assist health managers to establish workable employee productivity standards which eliminate redundancy amongst healthcare workers. Our team of experts will work toge... READ MORE

  • Our staffing, skills mix and model of care is designed to support the development of cost tracking management tools and the implementation of processes of staff planning and efficiency management w... READ MORE

  • Our competent and experienced team can assess workplace exposures and make recommendations for the control of hazardous exposures. These evaluations may be necessary to comply with Occupational Hea... READ MORE

  • The planning and scheduling processes of an operating theatre are known to be very complex tasks. Assisting healthcare facilities in improving efficiency in operating theatres is vital towards impr... READ MORE

  • Our service for estimating Full Time Equivalent (FTEs) requirements for nursing units involves;

    • Calculation of required FTE's based on unit discipline, unit si... READ MORE
  • This toolkit provide clear direction to nurse executives for success in today's dynamic healthcare environment. It includes best practices and resources collected from organisations that have succe... READ MORE

  • As demands and complexities increase, inefficient flow processes within the outpatient department may create unnecessary workload and increase in the waiting time for patients. HAI has derived solu... READ MORE

  • HAI's LEAN management solutions are designed to ultimately support healthcare facilities towards improving healthcare processes and outcomes. LEAN experts are readily available to offer coaching an... READ MORE

  • At HAI, we have a team of qualified fieldworkers, who possesses skills on how to conduct field work using various data collection methods such as interviews, observations and focus group discussion... READ MORE

  • The rate at which change and technological advancement is taking place within the health sector makes it a daunting tasks for healthcare professionals to comply with the expected standards rules, a... READ MORE

  • Healthcare facility managers face challenges in implementing clinical audits which have a negative impact on health outcomes. In order to curb this gap, At HAI, we provide Clinical Audit services w... READ MORE

  • HAI provides robust Health Informatics solutions that address the demand of innovative advanced health information technology (HIT) solutions in this fast evolving environment. We work determinedly... READ MORE

  • At HAI, we are aware that the trends in the healthcare environment are fast changing. Such change ultimately calls for prioritisation and provision of sound skills developmental solutions for healt... READ MORE

  • At HAI we offer a wide range of healthcare services that includes comprehensive medical examinations for different sectors. We have a team of contracted professional medical examiners and physicia... READ MORE

  • The right for every individual to have access to health care services should not be denied; depriving anyone of consistent and modern health care because of their location is contravening their hum... READ MORE