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HAI Services


    The rate at which change and technological advancement is taking place within the health sector makes it a daunting tasks for healthcare professionals to comply with the expected standards rules, and policies. This is one of the main reasons why at HAI we derived solutions that can be used to offer healthcare service providers with necessary and adequate information that will enable them to comply with national and international level policy regulations and quality standards.

    • We offer team of experts to assist in compliance.
    • ISO Compliance.
    • National Core Standard.
    • Quality Assurance Standards Compliance: We assist organisations to comply with the Six Priority Areas of the National Core Standards for Healthcare Establishments. These are standards against which service delivery can be assessed. Together with our qualified compliance team experts, we work closely with facilities to formulate processes on how we can guide and support them to ensure that their practices are in line with the recommended standards.
    • Working collaboratively with our clients, we further develop customized compliance plans for simple compliance to these policy regulations and quality standards.