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    The right for every individual to have access to health care services should not be denied; depriving anyone of consistent and modern health care because of their location is contravening their human right. That is why at HAI, we take pride in upholding and ensuring access and adequate healthcare services wherever and whenever needed to everyone. We have a team of specialist engineers skilled in assembling and installation of various medical equipments as per our client's recommendations. We are readily equipped to design and build mobile units that can deliver medical services that are dependable. Our Mobile medical unit comes in all shapes and sizes from small to large vans, trailers and containers.

    Our commitment is to bring quality healthcare to everyone through the provision of customised mobile health and wellness clinic. All clinics are fully equipped with all the equipment necessary to run any fully functional practice from medical to dental. Our vehicles are fully customisable and installed fully to fulfill a specific need. All our clinics are fitted with the necessary luxuries that can provide a comfortable working environment for both the practitioner and the patient. Our experience gives a unique advantage as we understand how to build mobile units that are easy to operate; convenient to service in all environments. HAI Mobile Clinic Solutions understands that each customer has unique requirements and we pride ourselves in finding out what our customers want and customizing our mobile units to meet those needs.