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Achievements & Merits

We have over the years contributed largely to the expansion and improvement of the healthcare sector and established visible footprints and symbiotic rapports nationally. Since our inception, we were awarded recognisable opportunities to deliver a number of salient projects across the whole Nation. At HAI, we have yielded and recorded valuable and remarkable achievements which have given us the potency to take up any challenging task in any area within the health care sector.

  • Evaluation Study To Assess The Implementation Of TIER.Net Electronic Anti-Retroviral Register In South Africa At Facility Level For Improved And Sustained Operations Related To The Report Standardisation , Support Information Management, And Improves Patient Management Throughout All Health Facilities Providing ART.

    National 2016
  • Development Of A Web Based Application Which Reduces Unnecessary Laboratory Testing Using Health Informatics To Enable Improved And Affordable Patient Care Within Laboratories.

  • Dispensing Of Medicines For Healthcare Professionals As Per Act 101 Of 1965 As Amended Aimed At Equipping Healthcare Personnel Responsible For Prescribing, Administering, Dispensing And Procurement Of Medication With Relevant Knowledge And Skills Essential To Effectively Implement Pharmacological Interventions Within Prescribed Standards To Ensure Patient Safety.

  • Development Of Evidence Based Decision Support Tool Which Supports And Informs The Purchasing Of Medical Devices Across Healthcare Facilities In South Africa.

    Province 2015
  • Participating In Infectious Disease Early Warning (IDEWS) Study For Development of Database Management Systems That Stores Data In A Well-Organized Way For Easy Access.

    National 2016
  • Technical Training For Healthcare Professionals To Ensure They Are Equipped With Relevant Information required for Continued Competency In Delivering Expert Patient Care Services Within Their Areas of Specialities For Better Patient Outcomes.

  • Managing Compliance Programmes In Healthcare Waste Management For Improved HCWM Practices That Includes Management, Control, Enforcement And Compliance To The Legal Framework Of HCWM By Healthcare Waste Officers In South Africa.

    National 2014
  • Financial Analysis And Valuation For Strategic Decision Making For Improved And Enhanced Quality Compliance To Enable Sound And Evidence-Based Policy Decisions Making.

    Province 2015
  • Improved Community Outreach Programmes For Enhanced Access To Primary Health Care Services For Better Health Outcomes.

    National 2011
  • Development Of Effective Prognosis Tools For Psychological And Mental Health Problems Screening To Identify Learners With Learning Difficulties.

    National 2010
  • Continuous Improvement Of Data Quality And Data Utilisation Processes For TB, HCT, Pre-ART And ART Programmes Within Facilities For Enhanced Patient Care.

    National 2013
  • Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviours And Practices(KABPs) Survey, Intended To Collect Evidence On The Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviours And Practices Related To HIV And STIs Amongst Sexually Active Men To Measure If Practices Are Increasing Or Reducing Sexual Risky Behaviours.

    Province 2010
  • Survey To Measure Patient Satisfaction and Develop A Quality Assurance Framework In Relation To The Hospital Revitalisation Programme.

    Province 2008