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    At HAI, we are aware that the trends in the healthcare environment are fast changing. Such change ultimately calls for prioritisation and provision of sound skills developmental solutions for healthcare professionals. This makes it impossible not to overstate the importance of training and continued education. In answer to such a call, together with our qualified team of experts, we offer cost effective evidence based skills development courses which comprises of;

    Legal and ethical training

    HAI recognizes the value in ensuring that ethics and legal standards have been enforced amongst healthcare workers, considering the growing legal factors demands. Healthcare workers are expected to appreciate legal and ethical responsibilities; we therefore at HAI support them by offering sound training within this field to avoid medical malpractices amongst healthcare professionals which may lead to litigations.

    Personal and professional development

    Our programmes are a worthwhile investment as they conveniently contribute to preserving, skills and knowledge of our learners for them to remain competitive in their various fields of work.

    Skills training

    HAI's unique and innovative skills development model utilises a pool of highly skilled professionals that offer a combination of intellectual technical competency.These skills training programmes are hinged on a balance between multi-disciplinary experience, excellent track records and technical expertise by our team. Continuous benchmarking and research ensures competitive resourcing and skills development solutions for all healthcare cadres.

    Technical training

    These are designed to provide sound, outcomes-based learning experiences to our learners. Our technical trainings help our learners to become proficient and relevant within their areas of specialties and involve training healthcare providers in the appropriate aspects of the industry.

    Health Professional Licensing Courses:

    Licensing of health care professionals is a credible way of indicating their competency within a certain field of practice. At HAI we have a list of courses that which when a learner successfully completes and demonstrate competence will be provided with a License which serves as a tangible recognition of knowledge and experience. Our qualified facilitators will work together with all the learners to ensure they achieve competence and meet eligibility requirements. Our Health professionals licensing courses includes;

    • Emergency Courses which through our affiliation with the American Heart Association (AHA) we offer a number of emergency courses from Basic to Advanced life saving courses for both Adults and Pediatrics. These courses offer intense practical and theory that equips the learner to be in a position to tackle common and special situations and challenging emergency situations.
    • Dispensing Course which on the other hand we are also recognized by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) as a training provider for Dispensing Course for professional nurses and doctors who wish to dispense prescribed medication to patients to ensure quality use. Learners who successfully complete this course and are found competent will be offered a Dispensing License by the South African National Department of Health.