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  • CPD POINTS: 14


    The health of mineworkers in South Africa is not solely a government responsibility but also that of all stakeholders including the health industry. Mineworkers exposure to dust and silicosis diseases which predisposes them to TB is of a major concern, and with HIV/AIDS increasing the incidence of TB substantially, the diseases PTB and TB are the main causes of the high morbidity and mortality rates among mineworkers in the South African mining industry.


    DAY 1

    • Assessment of chest x-rays (including quality).
    • The value of a lateral chest x-ray.
    • Chest x-rays: Research done by Professor Jill Murray & medical history done by Dr. Jana Viljoen (SIM Health 611).
    • Ethics: The radiographer and chest x-rays with participation of group.
    • Lung collapse/Normal variants.

    DAY 2

    • TB or not TB: Tuberculosis, the curable killer.
    • HIV and Chest x-rays: Opportunistic diseases.
    • Occupational lung diseases.
    • Chest x-rays: Trauma/Trachea/aorta /heart.
    • Chest x-ray: Pneumonia.
    • Cavities/masses/abscess/nodes/bullae.
    • Lung cancer.
    • Practical - Pattern recognition of chest x-rays.


    The aim of this workshop is to provide healthcare workers with a framework for the assessment of CXR and diagnoses of lung diseases. Clinicians, nurses, radiographers and any other delegates from the healthcare sector who are currently involved in chest radiology as well as those who are interested in gaining valuable information and knowledge of chest radiology reporting/pattern recognition of chest X-rays should attend. Radiological patterns ranging from normal radiographs to complicated disease patterns will be defined, explained and discussed.


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