Health Advance Institute

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a commitment to structured skills enhancement and personal or professional competence ensuring that everyone - no matter their occupation, role or responsibility within an organisation - has up to date skills and knowledge. It is the additional  education of professionals after they h.... Read more


Far-reaching reforms are changing the relationships between key players in healthcare. Furthermore, ever changing healthcare regulations create significant challenges for healthcare service providers. In this complex environment leaders must make astute, well-informed decisions that can be clearl.... Read more

Employee Wellness Programme (EWP)

Wellness is an integrated method of functioning that is oriented towards maximising an individual’s potential for functioning properly within a particular work environment. Health goes beyond the absence of disease, accident prevention, and avoiding work-related illnesses. It represents a r.... Read more

Clients and Projects

HAI clients include the national department of health, hospitals, clinics, solo and group practices in all medical specialties, subspecialties and allied health professions, nongovernmental  organizations ,and other healthcare entities and agencies. Experience with this wide range of clients .... Read more


Clients & Projects

HAI clients include the national department of health, ho .... Read more

Quality Assurance


The HAI is a ... Read more