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Employee Wellness Programme (EWP)

Wellness is an integrated method of functioning that is oriented towards maximising an individual’s potential for functioning properly within a particular work environment. Health goes beyond the absence of disease, accident prevention, and avoiding work-related illnesses. It represents a resource for daily life that enables a person or group to fulfil their expectations, and therefore has a highly positive influence on behaviour. This means that participation in any EWP should always be voluntary since behavioural change requires a mental and emotional readiness to effect lasting changes.

Employees in an organisation need to be taken care of in order to maximise their performance and achieve organisational goals. If an organisation wishes to be demonstrably interested in the welfare of its employees, it is crucial for that organisation to invest in an appropriate EWP. This will ensure that employees have access to a range of wellness services that can address problems through proactive and curative strategies. The implementation of a EWP is strongly influenced by the ‘whole person’ model which acknowledges people as multidimensional beings:

Physical - A positive perception and expectation of physical health consisting of a variety of healthy behaviours including fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and health screening.

Spiritual - Seeking meaning and purpose in life and connecting with others; demonstrating values through behaviours, morals and ethics, meditation, peace, silence and inspiration.

Emotional - An awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings and learning how to express and cope with emotions. 

Social - This deals with a person’s ability to interact successfully in the local and global community and in the workplace. It encompasses the pursuit of harmony in all interactions based on trust, respect and open communication as well as respect and involvement in social causes.

Intellectual - The ability to make sound decisions and to reason critically. It includes creative thinking, stimulating mental activities, improving skills and lifelong learning, making decisions, judging, strategising, wisdom and thought processes.

Environmental - Being in harmony with your surroundings, both in the workplace and in the natural world. 

The services are offered by a national network of qualified, experienced and dedicated social workers, psychologists, occupational health professionals, financial consultants, legal advisors and other allied providers. This comprehensive package is premised on the principles of confidentiality, creativity, flexibility and customisation.

The overall objectives of a EWP, as envisaged by the HAI, are to:

  • Increase productivity, heighten morale and teamwork, and strengthen the bonds between management, employees and the organisation by providing a sustainable and confidential employee wellness service to all employees.
  • Establish and maintain a holistic approach to support employees in managing their personal and social problems.
  • Provide employees and their immediate family members with a comprehensive resource to help them address personal problems.
  • Provide management with a practical resource to aid in supporting employees with personal and work-related problems when it impacts on an employee’s performance.
  • Establish and maintain a system through which employees at risk can be identified, motivated and referred for assistance.
  • Develop and improve life skills and promote self-empowerment.
  • Promote work/life balance and maintain a healthy workforce within a supportive environment.
  • Eliminate the risk of employees being a liability to the organisation.
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