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The Six Priority Areas of the National Core Standards

CPD Points: 5 CPD Points
Venue: Protea Hotel Centurion - Pretoria

The Health Advance Institute (HAI) invites all hospital managers and supervisors of public and private health care establishments in South Africa to attend and participate in the important SIX PRIORITY AREAS WORKSHOP.

The vision of the National Core Standards for Health Establishments in South Africa is that proper, decent health care in a clean, safe environment are rendered to all patients by motivated staff and responsible leaders  upholding ethical standards. SIX PRIORITY AREAS have been identified which clearly outlines what is expected of frontline managers and supervisors ‒ from the smallest rural clinic to the largest tertiary academic hospital management ‒ to comply with these standards.

Attending the SIX PRIORITY AREAS WORKSHOP will be of great significance and value to all managers and supervisors. Focusing on ‘skills transfer’ there will be strong emphasis on exploring how the National Core Standards apply to health care services, how to identify interventions to improve the quality of patient care using the National Core Standards, and how to set measurable standards for quality health service delivery that can be applied across the health system and highlight the practical implications of quality improvement.

The designated speaker will be representative of the public as well as the private sector and will be professional who have all played a significant role in the development of the National Core Standards. 

As always, the HAI has risen to the challenge and designed the SIX PRIORITY AREAS WORKSHOP to deliver a complete training solution and derive results to reflect return on investment through increased performance and improved efficiencies.

The participants will select one of the following focus areas: Value and attitudes of staff; Cleanliness; Waiting times; Patient safety and security; Infection prevention and control; Basic medicines and supplies. This will be a simulation based session where the participants will be taught the principles and theory behind measures and business process mapping to improve the hospital environment. Facilitators will oversee the session and provide coaching assistance.

In this session the participants will read an article on a specific subject.
They will be asked to take a standpoint on an issue raised in the article. They will then read a second article related to the issue and share their opinion with everyone. Evaluation and feedback will be communicated to the participants.

Why you should attend this workshop 

  • To develop an understanding on how to bridge the policy implementation gap
  • To improve your technical competence in managing the Six Priorities Areas 
  • It will enable you to assess and monitor your organisation and team objectively
  • It will help you to achieve the best results possible within the available resources
  • It will better your understanding of the quality and compliance in the legislative framework
  • To acquire an understanding of the ethical role and values underpinning the delivery of health care
  • To improve your reporting and proposal writing for projects related to the Six Priorities Areas

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