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The Health Advance Institute (HAI) was established in Pretoria, South Africa, in 2001. It is a healthcare management company geared to deliver high quality and cost-effective medico-management solutions to the healthcare industry. The company’s solutions are client focused and driven. The HAI recognises the continuously changing dynamics in the healthcare industry. We acknowledge the complex and daunting challenges the health industry currently faces and that it will be confronted with similar demands and challenges in future ‒ yet the HAI foresees tangible and measurable progress in the health industry and therefore it espouses the development of a symbiotic rapport with all its clients. HAI delivers practical, adaptable and tailor-made solutions to the varied challenges that healthcare providers are facing in the industry.
This ensures that all our clients do not compromise on delivering the highest quality service possible for their beneficiaries.

The high quality service we offer is the culmination of the many and varied experiences the HAI has encountered since its founding, and we will continue to improve our service excellence into the future. We will assist with developing and transforming the national health system to align it with optimal international healthcare service delivery trends.

As a healthcare management partner we offer three core services to our clients: continuing professional development, consultancy, and employee wellness programmes. These core services are designed to produce a mature performance culture for the healthcare industry as a whole. The HAI assists healthcare service providers to achieve continuous improvement in their service delivery while, importantly, at the same time facilitating employee empowerment at all levels. 

Vision: To be a beacon of development - releasing creativity, intelligence and an aptitude for the promotion of quality performance in the healthcare industry.

Mission: To continuously provide the highest quality support services to healthcare service providers by bringing together organisational drive, motivation, and action to transform thinking in the healthcare industry; thus  accelerating the improvement in quality healthcare for all.


  • Integrity - Adherence to intellectual, moral, and ethical principles
  • Synergy - Cooperation and integration with all stakeholders 
  • Flexibility - Provision of the required service
  • Accountability - Responsible for all the outcomes of our interventions

Customer Service
We are committed to promoting access to our services and offering a choice, wherever possible, in the services we provide and the way in which we deliver them. We will always strive to deliver efficient and professional services, ensure that all our clients are served timeously, fairly and in a courteous manner, and uphold transparency and accountability.   

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