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HAI’s Modern Approach to Healthcare Management

Current social, political and economic conditions have forever changed the roles and responsibilities of healthcare providers and facilities. Health is an essentially important commodity and the manner in which healthcare is provided to consumers is ever changing. Technology, globalisation, increased access to information and the upward trend in consumer lifestyles have forced service provision ... Read more

Project Sustainability

The HAI understands what healthcare professionals at all levels are trying to achieve and we actively work alongside client teams to make a visible difference. The HAI staff is proficient to do this as they have an accumulative wide range of experience in both public and private healthcare, and are from both managerial and clinical backgrounds. In addition to delivering results that address the .... Read more

Return on Investment

HAI promotes and recognises the importance of Return on I .... Read more

Company Ethics

Ethics are norms for conduct that distinguish between acc ... Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) aims to ameliorate ... Read more